From Theresa’s Desk

Welcome to RevTech Partners, a dynamic initiative that took root in 2018 driven by a fervent desire to delve deeper into revenue-generating technology within the hospitality sector. Our founder’s eagerness to explore and learn has paved the way for a unique venture dedicated to sharing valuable insights with the industry, aiding professionals in making informed decisions about technology adoption.

Over the years, RevTech Partners has evolved into a comprehensive, free knowledge-sharing service for the hospitality sector. Our focus extends beyond technology development to encompass various commercial aspects of the business. By collating information from industry leaders, we ensure a broad perspective that we then disseminate freely to benefit everyone in the field.

A highlight of our annual calendar is the renowned RevTech Show, a gathering that has become a major attraction for like-minded individuals keen on staying abreast of the latest industry trends. We take pride in our continued growth and development of content, ensuring that the show remains a hub for innovation and knowledge exchange.

In the coming year, we are excited to reintroduce our workshops, offering hoteliers the opportunity to participate in master classes on specific topics. Our popular beginner and advanced revenue management courses will continue to expand, reflecting the industry’s growing interest in enhancing skills and knowledge. Additionally, we are set to launch short courses, providing bite-sized learning opportunities for busy professionals.

Our mission is to attract a diverse group of hoteliers to share insights, fostering a collaborative environment that not only builds tech brands but also cultivates the leadership brand within our industry. We invite you to be a part of this journey as we collectively shape the future of technology and leadership in hospitality.