Hotel Guest Communications

Navigating the daily influx of guest queries across multiple channels can be overwhelming for hotel staff. Queries may come in via phone calls, emails, website forms, live chats, instant messaging apps, or social media. Managing these queries effectively is crucial for positive guest experiences and increased revenue.

Key Reasons for Guest Questions:

1. Missing information on the website or information overload.
2. Information discrepancies across platforms, causing guests to seek necessary details.
3. Clarifications for reassurance before booking, especially on crucial details.
4. Language barriers prompt foreign guests to seek explanations in simpler terms.
5. Special requests, including surprises for companions and accessibility arrangements.
6. Changing plans or cancellations, seeking reassurance in potentially stressful situations.
7. Questions about special deals and promotions offered by the hotel.
8. Addressing complaints and feedback during or after the guest’s stay.
9. Seeking tips and recommendations for making the most of their time in the area.
10. Support with processes like online bookings and digital services.

Providing an answer is the minimum we must do, but there are a few factors that make a difference between a satisfactory experience and an excellent one:

  • Response time: Swift responses increase the likelihood of reservations and improved experiences.
  • Helpful attitude: Demonstrating professionalism and goodwill leaves a positive impression.
  • Precise and accurate answers: Focus on providing concise information directly related to the query.
  • Personalization: Use guest data to tailor communications and make guests feel looked after.
  • Centralized knowledge base: Ensure consistent and thorough answers across various channels.

Most hoteliers understand the value of quickly responding to the queries they receive, but the execution of that strategy is no easy feat due to the following factors:

  • Challenges in Guest Communication.
  • Overwhelming number of incoming questions.
  • Managing multiple communication channels.
  • Staff shortages in the hospitality industry.
  • Language barriers.
  • Lack of a centralized knowledge base for staff.

This is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be your biggest asset! There is even a specialized niche of providers of AI-powered solutions explicitly developed for hospitality that can help you to:

  • Streamline guest communications by consolidating messages and avoiding duplicates.
  • Automate responses to FAQs, resolving over 85% of queries independently.
  • Boost direct bookings and revenue through personalized upselling offers.
  • Facilitate digital check-in and check-out processes by integrating with property management systems.

In conclusion: Conversational AI, including ChatGPT, proves to be a reliable technology revolutionizing guest communication. It ensures rapid and consistent responses, boosts guest satisfaction, generates more hotel revenue, and reduces the workload for hotel staff, making them available for tasks that benefit the most from the human touch.

(Source: Revfine)