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Automated revenue management for smaller hotels (10 -> 60 rooms typically). RoomPriceGenie uniquely combines a simple-to-understand user-experience with very powerful pricing. No revenue manager required. 90% of our clients trust us with full automation of pricing. We typically see hours of time-savings and a 15%+ increase in revenue.

Our Review

RoomPriceGenie is ideal for small to midscale properties. It can be completely automated to run on its own, but still offers you full control if you want this. Optimisation of your rates are real time and as your demand fluctuate your rates will be updated accordingly. RoomPriceGenie has a granular yield module and can also yield by room type.

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RoomPriceGenie’s FREE Trial offer for 2 weeks, with NO Setup Fees deal. There is no hidden costs nor, binding contracts. They also offer the solution and support in English, German, Japanese, French, and Spanish.