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Incremental revenue creation at your fingertips. Exceptional hotels require exceptional voucher solutions aligned with your brand guidelines and cost centers. GFT Cloud empowers hotels to craft bespoke vouchers using a streamlined software-as-a-service platform to meet the hotel brand’s unique needs & opportunities. Setup your hotel divisions or outlets: spa, shop, restaurants & more. You can even sell for your third party providers. Create consistent vouchers for marketing promotions, front of house sales or service recovery that align with the digital vouchers sold through your own eCommerce platform, truly delivering an omni-channel hotel experience. Hotels have complete autonomy over the site’s setup.

Our Review

GFT Cloud is super easy to use and quick to configure, but best of all is now you have professional voucher system that looks after your advance purchase vouchers, gift vouchers and promotional vouchers in one!

Ask Me About

GFT Cloud’s 2 months saving option, when you take an annual subscription. I love a bonus.