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Our flagship solution, Refund Protect, empowers businesses in over 75 countries to thrive in today’s interconnected world by providing unparalleled life assistance solutions. We are a global provider of Membership Programs, with our expertise spanning multiple industries, including Accommodation, Transportation, Travel, Events, Mass Participation, Sports, and Leisure.

Through our Membership Programs, members can easily connect to our platform via API, enabling real-time transactions to be underwritten, covering booking fees, processing fees, and any extras if purchased as part of a package. Our unique approach to designing Membership Programs and benefits creates new additional revenue streams for our members.

We have carefully developed our pricing to be easily assimilated into our members’ business models, making the adoption of our programs cost-neutral or even revenue-positive with unparalleled ancillary revenue options.


Refundable Bookings can be offered globally. We are the leading refundable bookings experts in over 75 countries, and support 32+ languages ensuring a localized and commercially superior service across all markets.

Earn significant commission on each Refundable Booking selected by customers, in addition to the revenue saved from no longer administering refunds in-house.

Superior customer experience with a 4.8 Trustpilot Rating.

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Hassle and cost-free integration, securing 100% of your revenue while earning ancillary revenue.

400+ worldwide

Cloud Р Dynamic API Widget

We integrate our solution through a simple and intelligent API widget placed in your booking flow. The widget has an easy-to-install code which fits seamlessly into your website and matches your User Interface – styling and branding

15 Global Offices

24/7 customer support offered in 32+ languages

Zero costs or fees to integrate our solution.

Under the Dynamic Pricing, the refundable booking service fee which a customer pays to turn their booking from non-refundable to fully refundable will vary between 2% and 20% of the booking total, optimising in real-time

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