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ResRequest is a business management tool for boutique safari lodges and hotels.

We are a Central Reservations and Property Management System, with integrated CRM and Financial Management functionality and excellent reporting. Our software is designed for lodge owners, and our team of experts works closely with you to customise our solution to fit your business processes.

We guarantee to help streamline operations, enhance guest experiences, and achieve your objectives with us as your trusted partner in the lodge industry.

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The new partnership between ResRequest and Profitroom.  With ResRequest being a PMS support for lodges and Profitroom being a Booking Engine with a strong focus on creating packages, we believe this can be a match made in heaven.

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''Excellent knowledge''

ResRequest has been around for a long time, focussed on smaller and midsize properties, but ideal for service providers that sell dreams and experiences.

They are very strong amongst lodge and safari destinations and use that intellect to develop a property management solution for guesthouses, lodges and boutique hotels that work with a high volume of return clients.  Some of their latest developments certainly secure them a leadership status in the industry. Do explore this one some more.