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Cendyn is a global hospitality cloud-based technology company that enables hotels to drive revenue, maximize profitability, and create deeper connections with guests through its integrated solutions. 

Serving hoteliers for nearly 30 years, Cendyn drives commercial success for hotels through its Find, Book, Grow promise: find the right guests; drive them to book direct, and grow loyalty and revenue across the spectrum of digital guest interactions.

Cendyn has over 32,000 customers worldwide in more than 150 countries generating more than $20 billion in annual hotel revenue. The company supports its growing customer base from locations across the globe, including the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Bangkok, and India. 


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Over 32,000 customers worldwide in more than 150 countries
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Pricing is determined by several factors including, but not limited to, number of rooms, integrations, and Cendyn products purchased, to name a few.

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Cendyn is a leading innovator in CRM, sales and revenue strategy for the hospitality industry. Cendyn’s Revenue Cloud, which includes rainmaker, is definitely still one of the top RMS in the market. Combining rainmaker with Cendyn’s CRM offering allows hotels and casinos to create tailored experiences for their guests and see measurable revenue growth at the same time.