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Our passion for both the industry and technology drives us to offer free consulting services to hoteliers. We eagerly anticipate engaging with fellow enthusiasts who are keen on boosting their tech stack for enhanced revenue generation. Let’s connect, share insights, and unlock the full potential of your business together

RevTech Partners is a One-Stop-Shop for hoteliers to find the best technology to support their revenue optimisation journey.

Hoteliers use this platform and our expertise to build knowledge around different available products be it as a replacement of what they currently have or an enhancement to their current revenue generating stack. We encourage hoteliers to get inspired, optimise revenue, innovate processes and efficiency and improve their customer experience.

Whats Our Major Strength?

The strength of RevTech Partners is that we personally have knowledge of the technology we represent and the unique selling points of that product. We can therefore guide and match the client to the best solution to meet their requirements.

Through RevTech Partners we offer technology providers brand awareness, we generate leads and support you in gaining new customers / market share in the industry.

Whats The Benefit Of Being A Partner?

Create Brand Awareness & Generate Leads

RevTech Partners offer you a platform to reach a highly targeted audience of professionals, 24/7 and 365 days. With our partner membership, you can dive deeper into the subject matter, showcase your expertise and solutions, build trust, generate leads and create brand awareness for your company, products and services.

89% of B2B buyers use the internet in their research process before contacting a vendor, and 75% say that the winning vendor’s content significantly impacted their buying decision.

UPS of Revtech partners

''Trusted Partnership''

We are known and trusted by the industry, with a great following in the industry

''Product Knowledge''

We make it our business to understand the technology we represent, so that we can offer good guidance

''Niche Focused''

We only focussed on revenue generating (income or profit) technology

''Educational Focused''

Our actions are all about educating the industry on what is available or how to improve the revenue

''Free Advice''

We offer free advice to our hoteliers, through consultations, content marketing with strategies and tips, workshops and exhibition shows.

Your Benefits Explained

  • Each Partner gets a dedication page on the website, promoting your company and solutions, including the display of your logo. This content can be updated at any time.
  • Button to your company webpage,
  • Buttons to your social media pages (3 platforms)
  • News worthy articles to assist clients in revenue optimisation will be published under the news section of the website.
  • Articles will also be published on our social media platforms, allowing you to connect with our audience and create brand awareness for yourself.
  • Spotlight Options on social media. Once a week a partner is show cased as a partner to our audience where we highlight your contribution to revenue optimisation.
  • In partnership with Revenue Resolutions, you will be able to contribute marketing collateral to be showcased at any workshop that they are hosting, as well as supply goodies for giftbags if the opportunity presents itself.
  • In our expert panel section we will pose relevant questions for insight and knowledge. Allowing you a voice on a topic, showing your knowledge and insight.
  • An opportunity to be invited as a guest speaker at our monthly Let’s Talk Sessions. Let’s Talk is created to voice insight and educate the industry on revenue optimisation topics.
  • Sponsorship Opportunity at the RevLink Networking sessions. RevLink is a monthly revenue managers forum where revenue managers network and discuss challenges and gets insights and opinions. It is closed to revenue managers, but you could sponsor a session where collateral will be shared with everyone present.
  • Resource material like eBooks, Checklists, Reports, etc will be shared with our audience to create brand awareness of your behalf.
  • 20% discount on fees to attend the Annual RevTech Show and/or any paid workshops hosted by RevTech Partners or Revenue Resolutions. Our RevTech Show is designed for a very niche market of General Managers. Owners, Revenue Managers and Reservations Managers interested in technology to boost there revenue.

Join Us To
Grow Together

Our RevTech Partnership is an annual program, which is reviewed 3 months before the anniversary of the agreement.
The partnership fee is R3500 per month, exclusive of 15% VAT where applicable, billed annually in advance.

The cost excludes any sponsorship costs and collateral and gifting for delegates and attendees of workshops.
This is complete up to your discretion.

Please mail us on to be enrolled for the next 12 months.