Reputation Management with GuestRev

Satisfied customers are the best sales agents!
As an experience-based destination, it is important to put customers at the center of business decisions. Understanding your customers better, making your customers feel heard, and increasing your customer satisfaction, are worth their weight in gold. To do this you need to accurately identify how your guests feel about your performance so you can target and implement plans for improvement. Knowing if you have satisfied customers is an important step to achieving this. Thoughtful responses to negative reviews improve the opinion of an establishment for 85% of shoppers.

There are two main types of customer feedback.


How does GuestRevu help with direct feedback?

GuestRevu works with you to ensure that your survey covers the business touch points relevant to you, and to ensure that your surveys are well structured to increase the response conversion rate. The survey process is automated once your account is set up with GuestRevu and guest details are recorded in ResRequest. GuestRevu automatically collects arriving or departing guest details from ResRequest and emails a survey to those guests. GuestRevu’s back office provides charts and details to illustrate areas for improvement and the level of performance across your business.

Helping you understand guest expectations and experiences

With GuestRevu you can get the answers you need, when you need them, with highly customisable pre-stay, in-stay, and post-stay guest feedback surveys.

Guest Survey Analytics and Reporting

Once you have GuestRevu installed and your operating procedures in place, GuestRevu’s reports help you understand and interpret your guest’s feedback so you can use your insights to make decisions that improve your guest experience, online ratings, and revenue.


What Is Online Reputation Management?

Your business works hard to keep your customers happy. But even with the best customer service, a business is bound to see its reputation take a hit every now and then. Online reputation management (ORM) are the actions performed to track, find, and address any negative or false comments posted across different platforms.

With GuestRevu you will never miss an online review.

From GuestRevu you can quickly and easily monitor reviews collected from top review sites and display them in one dashboard so you know what your guests are saying about you (and your competitors) online — no matter where they say it.

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Guest Surveys and Reputation Management