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Profitroom guarantees more bookings and direct business for hotels and resorts. A leading provider of SaaS technology and end-to-end hotel marketing solutions, our innovative products and services support an increase in hoteliers’ profits and are trusted by over 3,500 properties worldwide. Our products include; Booking Engine 360, CRM, Channel Manager, Websites & Digital Marketing services. Proftroom has recently won Cloud Based Solution Specialist of the Year 2021, Europe, by the Travel & Hospitality Awards

Our Review

Profitroom offers a few products and we are especially impressed with the Booking Engine feature. It is focused on engaging direct customers to your website and increasing conversion, which is evident in the pricing module as well. The system is easy to navigate and manage. It also focus on ancillary spend and even manage a quoting solution for email inquiries, that looks professional and aligned with your brand.

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