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Combining technical excellence with digital marketing expertise, D-EDGE brings a holistic hospitality technology infrastructure under one roof. The integrated range of solutions covers all stages of hotel distribution which encompasses Central Reservation System, Guest Management, Data Intelligence, Connectivity Hub, Digital Media, and Website Creation. With a team of 350 experts located in over 20 countries, D-EDGE provides localised support, services, and tools. With its global network of 500+partners, D-EDGE’s ever-expanding ecosystem is a positive place to do business and grow.

Our Review

D-EDGE is a complete One-Stop-Shop for all your distribution needs, with a recognised know-how both for their technology and their digital marketing expertise. I am leading a project team on an installation with D-Edge and am very excited to learn all about the product offering.

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D-Edge’s South African Hotel offer for COVID Relief. Up until 30-06-2021 they will charge no set up fees and offer a 30% reduction on monthly fees for D-Edge Booking Engine and Channel Manager.